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Coaxial Cable China is one of the main manufacturers of coaxial cable in China. They supply almost one-half of the coaxial cables needed by businesses around the world. The company continues to innovate their processes and build a website to rank traffic visitors and ensure that the main business is intact for years to come and that customers will have the best service possible from Coaxial Cable China.

Aside from the production of coaxial cables, we also have other related services that are connected to making coaxial cables.


We started our business as a mass producer of coaxial cables and connectors. We make our products in bulk and deal with clients who are also business owners and manufacturers themselves. And we have made a business that way for 10 years. We are recognized as one of the leading suppliers of cables in China and in parts of Asia and Europe.

But to continue our pursuit of progress and success in the business, we saw the opportunity of selling retail coaxial cables to individual customers. And to do this, we needed to create a shop online and hardware store. We first established the online shop as we cater to more customers from different parts of the globe and giving out aliexpress coupon code to loyal customers. Here in our site, you can easily shop for coaxial cables, connectors, and other accessories with just a click of a button. Now you can purchase cables quickly and without wasting much time and effort.

After launching our online store, we then created our first hardware store in 2009. We sell coaxial cables, electronics devices, connectors, communications accessories, and other frequency-based products. Today, we are still pursuing more success in the business as we will be going overseas to open our new manufacturing site in Thailand and Indonesia.

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