When it comes to the service of providing you with coaxial cables, wire connectors, and other communication and electronic devices that can help businesses, website visitors, and individuals in their conductor need, Coaxial Cable China is here for you. We have proven time and time again that the company is a robust brand that sustained the business for years.

Coaxial cables

We are one of the leading manufacturers of coaxial cables in the country. Ever since we started doing our business in the early 1990s, we have continued to provide the highest quality products for our clients. Our research team have shown their capabilities in improving our coaxial cable, making the materials more robust, and checking the durability and strength of the cables using a postcode check, and ensuring that the products will last for a long time.

For every type of coaxial cable that you require, we have them all for you. You can browse our pages to see the numerous kinds of products that are available on hand from our shop online. It is best to add them all to cart to make sure that your company will not incur any downtime because of broken coaxial cables.


Our main focus when we started the business is to cater to the needs of our clients. Since our main products are coaxial cables, we need to create a separate manufacturing operations process for our accessories product line. We saw it as a must for our company in order to give more opportunities to our customers from around the world.

In 2002, we opened a new manufacturing facility that makes millions of accessories used for the distribution and delivery of electronic signals for communication, internet, television, data busses, and radio transmitters. Companies worldwide have been using our accessories to guarantee their own customers about the security and availability of their services.